1982 Sparkle Corp.  was established.
Sparkle started its business from trading of baby strollers and other goods as the Year of 1982. For diversification purpose, the business also invested in textile, steel and education.

1991 Sparkle changed to the trading of electronic accessories.
Based on the trend of market demand, Sparkles changed to the field of trading of electronic accessories, including the key components of graphics cards.

1993 Sparkle turned to the manufacturing industry of graphics cards.  
As a result of innovative manufacturing technology, marketing plans and abundant resources, Sparkle turned into a graphics cards manufacturer.  

1998 Sparkle ranked one of the Top 500 manufacturers in Taiwan.
Sparkle converted into branding market in the graphics cards with the brand name of “Sparkle Computer”, during the period of becoming the Top 500 manufactures of Taiwan.   

2000 Sparkle became the nVidia certified tier one Vendor.
Sparkle became one of the nVidia tier one Certified Vendors and Launched Partners.

2003-2005 Sparkle grew into No. 1 graphics cards brand in China.
With the completed distribution channels, Sparkle successfully expanded the territory into Chinese market.

2006 Sparkle became nVidia's global strategic partner.
Sparkle products distributed in over 82 countries worldwide. It was acknowledged as one of the best graphics cards’ brands.

2007 Sparkle involved in the resolution of industrial graphics cards. 
Sparkle began to provide the graphics cards for the industrial customers.

2009 Sparkle built up an IPC team to support the customers in the industrial PC field. 
In 2009, Sparkle built up a dedicated IPC team for serving the IPC customers.

2010 Sparkle separated the graphics cards business into two parts. 
The brand name of “Sparkle Computer” transferred to a new operation business for running all-round products in channel market. Meanwhile, “Sparkle Global” keeps providing service and support for the industrial customers. 

2013 Sparkle Global extended the product line with full range of the industrial graphics cards. 
Sparkle Global extended the full range product line including the chipsets solution of nVidia, AMD as well as S3. It also covered most of the bus types for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries.